Moving Walkway Escalator Chains

A moving walkway escalator chain is a mechanical device used in escalators. The chains are attached to the escalator’s steps and move in a helical motion. Its main components include the drive system, which comprises a reversing element configured as a chain wheel. The chain comprises a plurality of plate links connected by joints. The chain is connected to its steps via step bolts and rollers. The tread length of the escalator is 400 mm, and the chain pitch is 133 mm.

The curved sections of escalator tracks are located on the top landing platforms. These platforms contain the main drive gear and the step return idler sprockets. The bottom landing platform has a floor plate that provides a place for passengers to stand. The floor plate is fixed and is not removable, whereas the comb plate is removable. A moving walkway is also possible if the incline of the track is less than 14 degrees. The moving walkway escalator chain is powered by an AC induction motor. The machine may be 67.5 cm or wider, with the length varying from 62 cm to 140 cm.

Moving Walkway Escalator Chains Details

Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Pin diameter (Hollow) Pin diameter Pin length Plate dimension Ultimate tensile strength Average tensile strength Weight per step
P d1 max b1 min d2 max d3 min d4 max L1
Lc max h2 T Q
Q0 q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kN kg
PT131HP 131.33 70.0 27.0 14.63 12.7 18.26 55.0 75.3 56.0 40.0 5.0 150.0/33721 165.0 7.53
PT135HPF1 135.46 76.2 24.0 12.70 14.1 20.00 51.3 68.1 40.0 5.0 127.0/28550 140.0


Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Pin diameter Pin length Inner plate depth Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Average tensile strength Weight per meter
P d1 max b1 min d2 max L
h2 T
Q0 q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kN kg/m
PT131 131.33 70.00 27.00 14.63 55.0 56.0 40.0 5.0 180.0/40465 198.0 5.97
PT133 133.33 70.00 27.00 14.63 55.0 56.0 40.0 5.0 180.0/40465 198.0 5.75

Moving walkway escalator chains move people and goods horizontally and are powered by AC induction motors. They’re commonly found in public buildings, such as shopping malls. Unlike the escalators that sway up and down, these stair-like escalators are easy to maintain.

Moving Walkways Are Escalator Chains

Escalator chains are not the only types of escalators, and moving walkways are another type. Depending on the design, they can be as small as 67.5 cm, or as large as 140 cm. These chains are usually powered by AC induction motors and do not require a handrail. Horizontal moving walkways are also available but usually do not include one. These chains can move at a very high speed, which is more than enough to be dangerous for the rider.

Both escalators and moving walkways are powered by alternating current motors. The speed of the escalator is approximately 1 to 2 feet per second. The standard escalator rise is 60 ft (18 m).

Materials of Moving Walkways Escalator Chains

Moving walkway escalators are similar to escalators in that they move people and goods horizontally, rather than vertically. In fact, these escalators are quite similar, and they can actually be used in tandem. Moving walkways are usually shorter than escalators and can carry up to 10 times more people. They are used mainly in airports, but they can also be used in libraries, museums, and hotels.

Moving walkway escalator chains are made of steel, fabric, and rubber. These materials are shaped by skilled workers and then subjected to press pressure. Similarly, the cover is made of rubber that passes through an extrusion machine. The rubber is fed through a specialized machine and shaped to a uniform design. The color, style, and material of the escalator are all important considerations for a successful design.

The motor in a moving walkway is usually an AC induction motor. It can be located anywhere in the upper head of the machine. In general, it is preferred that the motor be parallel to the walkway moving forward. AC induction motors are also used in this type of machine, which can be up to a certain power. Moving walkway escalators can use 2 motors at the same time.

Chains and Sprockets

Apart from moving walkway escalator chains, there are several types of chains and sprockets to choose from. Some are narrow, others are wide, and each has a different pitch diameter and sprocket bore. For example, chains with large pitch diameters require sprockets with larger teeth than those with smaller roller-pin centers. Ultimately, you should choose sprockets that fit the chain and the machine properly.

Both types of chains and sprockets are highly reliable and durable products. A steel finish is common. They can be sized for specific applications. There are also several different sizes of sprockets, which will depend on the amount of torque they must exert. If you need to choose a sprocket with an ANSI number, you should select the 1 that meets the exact requirements of your machine. Chains and sprockets are made of high-quality materials and are finished to precise dimensional tolerances.

Metal sprockets have different designs and can be used for both types of applications. Steel split sprockets are easy to install and remove. They can also be made of aluminum. Metal split sprockets are commonly made from 304-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel sprockets are available for extremely corrosive environments.

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